Southern Discomfort 2018


Columbia Roller Derby is proud to present Southern Discomfort 2018 April 27-29, 2018.

We welcome the following teams:
Ann Arbor Brawlstars
Atlanta Dirty South Derby Girls
Blue Ridge All Stars
Dublin Roller Derby A Team
Oklahoma Victory Dolls All Stars
OKVD Tornado Alley (Oklahoma’s B-Team)
Charm City All Stars
Female Trouble (Charm City’s B-Team)
Boston Roller Derby All Stars

Columbia teams playing are:
Columbia QuadSquad
Soda City Jerks (Columbia’s B-Team)

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Doors Open:
Friday @ 4:30 pm
Saturday @ 8:30 am
Sunday @ 8:30 am

General Game Schedule:

5pm     Ann Arbor (Black) vs. Dublin (Light Blue)
7pm     Officials Meeting

9am     Boston (White) vs. Blue Ridge (Teal)
11am   Ann Arbor (White) vs. OKVD (Red)
1pm     Charm City Female Trouble (Black) vs. OKVD Tornado Alley (White)
3pm     Charm (Yellow) vs. Dublin (Black)
5pm     OKVD (White) vs. Columbia QuadSquad (Black)
7pm     Boston (Blue) vs. Ann Arbor (White)

9am     OKVD (Black) vs. Dublin (Light Blue)
11am   Atlanta (Red) vs. Boston (White)
1pm     Columbia QuadSquad (White) vs. Dublin (Light Blue)
3pm     Blue Ridge (Black) vs. Charm (Yellow)
5pm     Columbia Soda City Jerks (White) vs. OKVD Tornado Alley (Black)
7pm     Charm (Black) vs. Columbia QuadSquad (White)

See you there for all the action!