Southern Discomfort 2016


Columbia QuadSquad Rollergirls host WFTDA certified Southern Discomfort 2016

In mid-April, Columbia QuadSquad hosted its biggest tournament to date in both quality and quantity. Teams ranking from 6th to 55th worldwide met to test each others skills and strategy.

The weekend kicked off Friday with the QuadSquad Miss B-havers, who in a hard fought B-level bout fell to a fortified Philly Roller Derby Independence Dolls.

Many teams hit the track over the weekend with some really exciting scores. However, none as exciting as Columbia QuadSquad AllStars one point win over Charlottesville Derby Dames. With savvy jamming and sturdy blocking, the ladies held on to their one point lead going into the final jam of the bout. Final score: Columbia 161-Charlottesville 160.

Other exciting match ups included Philly Roller Derby closing a 60 point gap down to 20 in the last few jams of the bout against Jacksonville New Jax City with a final score of 161-138, and a scrappy match up between Atlanta Rollergirls Dirty South Derby Girls and Tampa Tantrums that resulted in a win for Atlanta 215-111.

A huge thank you to Rideau Valley Roller Girls for traveling all the way from Ottawa, Ontario!

See all scores below.

Stay tuned! Columbia QuadSquad Rollergirls will take on Steel City and Pikes Peak on Saturday, June 25th in their final home bouts of the year!

Columbia 196 – Rideau 151

Tampa 233 – Columbia 98

Philly 251 – Rideau 88

Jacksonville 314 – Charlottesville 57

Tampa 154 – Philly 132

Jacksonville 390 – Rideau 34

Atlanta 434 – Charlottesville 41


-Star Spangled Bangrr, 88

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