Columbia Pride 2015

Pride Festival Columbia, SC 2015
Pride Festival Columbia, SC 2015

This last October 24th was my fourth time participating in South Carolina Gay Pride with Columbia QuadSquad, and as with every year prior, I was reminded how much I love my league due to the amount of acceptance that envelops it.

Pride isn’t just for supporting the LGBTQ community; Pride is about acceptance. I joined roller derby to find a place that I would fit in. CQS is a league of strong women who are proud of what we do and who we are and are not

Veteran skaters Truckstop and Star Stormer
Veteran skaters Truckstop and Star Stormer

ashamed to maintain a positive attitude and image as we evolve more every year. We are all extremely different, but we are all supportive of the same mission and family.

Roller derby is no stranger to the LGBT community. With teams like the Vagine Regime, roller derby’s first queer team, and full blogs dedicated to roller derby-related LGBT causes, this sport has paved the way for acceptance. Roller derby’s governing body, the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), has been in the forefront for transgender inclusion in women’s sports.

Columbia QuadSquad has skaters of all ages and sexual orientations, and we love interacting with our community as a whole. The Pride parade and festival is a great way for our skaters to have fun and interact with members of our community while giving us an opportunity to explain roller derby culture to a new group of individuals.

What’s so great about Pride and our participation in it is that the parade and festival have such a lack of exclusivity, just like our league. We join in at Pride every year, not to celebrate how gay we are or aren’t, but to support the understanding and accepting ideals that we strive to embody as a league. We are proud to be Columbia QuadSquad!!

Carter Away

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